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Updated:06-25-2008 Editor:Xiong Su From:Motorcycle Online Sales

Honda has frequently used its Interceptor (which we affectionately refer to as the “VFR” in our title) as a showcase for new technology, such as variable valve timing (to the extent that the two-valve/four-valve switch in the Interceptor can accurately be described as variable valve timing), ABS brakes, etc. A replacement for the current Interceptor has been rumored for some time, and it is rumored (yet again) to be coming this Fall. This time around, the V-4 sport tourer should feature larger displacement (possibly 1,000cc) as well as some new technology. The new technology? Perhaps some form of automatic gearbox, and certainly an updated version of Honda’s combined ABS (which it has been showcasing recently on a prototype CBR600RR). Expect some rather dramatic new styling, as well.

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