Moto Guzzi California 1400 Production Imminent; Engine Specs Revealed

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Updated:11-01-2012 Editor:Xiong Su From:Motorcycle Online Sales

We’ve known about the impending release of the big new cruiser from Moto Guzzi, the California 1400, for some time.  Now, the Italian web site Motociclismo has published a preview of the new model, claiming it will be released to dealers in Europe any day now.

Motociclismo also published the following specifications for the new air/oil cooled 90 degree v-twin. Displacement will reportedly be 1380cc, obtained by a bore increase over the existing 1200 (identical stroke). With a compression ratio of 10.5:1, it will develop 96hp at 6,500rpm, and peak torque of 90 Ft/Lbs at a lowly 2,750rpm – a pretty good spread of power. The fuel-injected lump will be controlled via ride-by-wire throttle, and feature electronic cruise control and three selectable ignition maps.

A six-speed transmission will send power through shaft drive to the rear wheel, which should push the beefy, 700+ pound beast down the road rather smartly compared to much of the cruiser competition ( most large displacement cruiser v-twins put out less than 80bhp). We will have more details and pictures when available.

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