LSL Neuters the Husqvarna Nuda

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Updated:10-19-2012 Editor:Xiong Su From:Motorcycle Online Sales

When we tested the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and 900R, we came away impressed with the performance offered by the modified BMW twin in the new Husqvarna chassis. While it is hard to argue with the performance, not everyone is impressed by the edgy styling of the new Huskys.

Enter the German fabricator and customizer LSL, which has transformed the look of the Nuda into that of a more classic roadster.

Starting with a round headlamp, together with a more classic shape to the seat and fenders, LSL added spoke wheels that save 8 pounds and shortened the suspension travel. Complimenting several other LSL parts is a more classically shaped gas tank. What do you think?

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