KTM Introduces 390 Duke in Milan

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Updated:11-13-2012 Editor:Xiong Su From:Motorcycle Online Sales

The rumored KTM 390 Duke was officially unveiled in Milan today, and it certainly satisfies those looking for an extremely lightweight, street-legal supermoto. With 44 hp and less than 330 pounds fully fueled (close to sub-300 dry), the 375cc naked should be quite entertaining. With quality WP suspension and Brembo brakes, it is a complete package.

We expect the 390 Duke to be available in the U.S. next year, but currently have no information on pricing.  Here is what KTM has to say about the new 390 Duke:

Reduced to the max! The new KTM 390 Duke has everything that has always made great bikes great: sufficient power, ample torque, and low costs at an extremely low weight. It handles extremely well and comes into its own wherever nimble agility is called for. In short: no other bike offers more riding fun for your money than the 390 Duke! At a full 44 hp from 375 cc of displacement, it’s head and shoulders above its 200 cc sister model, while the chassis has of course been enhanced to cope with the extra oomph. Still, the new 390 Duke weighs in at less than 150 kilograms fully fuelled – not only raising its dynamics above many a higher-capacity bike but also making it a sporty alternative to pricey maxi scooters.

The Duke family tree struck roots already in 1994, when the first fully-fledged KTM street bike, the original Duke, came into the world of motorcycles. To the present day, the Duke has seen four evolutionary stages, reaching its preliminary peak with the R-Version of the current 690 Duke. 2011 for the first time saw a smaller offspring in form of the extremely successful 125 Duke, which promptly went to the top of the European sales charts, selling more than 10,000 units in the first year of its existence. In the spring of 2012, the 200 Duke followed, and now the 390 Duke closes the gap to the larger models 690 Duke and 990 Super Duke R. And we can already tell you – this family is going to get still bigger in future!

Thanks to the typical, compact KTM design, the 390 Duke’s highly sophisticated single cylinder engine weighs in at only 36 kilograms. Two overhead camshafts, four valves, a forged piston and a Nikasil-coated cylinder ensure, among other things, that the 375 cc are good for 44 horsepower. The power enhancing force feed lubrication with crank case evacuation lowers the crank drive’s rolling resistance, contributing to the powerful torque. The ultra-light trellis frame and cast aluminium swingarm round off a compact package. Top quality suspension components by WP Suspension, disc brakes developed by Brembo and the disengageable 9MB ABS by Bosch are standard and add even more riding dynamics, as well as safety while powering through the twisties.

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