2008 Yamaha YZ 450F, Dirt Bike in Sublimity, OR 97385


Model YZ 450F Used Motorcycle for sales.

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2008 Yamaha YZ 450F, Super clean motocrosserYZ450F... taking MX1 performance to a new level.The best just keeps getting better. The bike that started the 4-stroke revolution benefits from a host of engine and chassis improvements for 2008. The intake tract has been revised, as have the cams, header pipe and stylish new shorty type muffler. Even the fame has gone under the microscope and now features a shorter steering head for better balanced handling and reduced weight. The bike that started the trend just keeps on getting better.Our most powerful, most flickable 450 ever. The bike that started the four stroke revolution keeps moving forward with chassis and engine refinements that ensure the five titanium valved 2008 Yamaha YZ450F remains at the head of the open class pack.Some times it can be the little things that in the end make the difference.We have changed a number of big items on the new '08 YZ450F including the steering head area of the frame, but we didn't forget the little details either. Extra wide footpegs, new fork protectors, new upper and lower triple clamps to mention a few. Heck, we even changed the width of the rear tire for improved traction. If you are serious about racing the 2008 YZ450F is the bike for you.FEATURES:Revised liquid-cooled, 449cc, DOHC, 5-valve, 4-stroke, single with titanium valves delivers a broad power curve with a great over-rev capacity. Numerous improvements provide more low to mid rpm power and an improvement in overall powerful feeling.Compact cylinder head design utilizes lightweight titanium valves and load-reduced springs reduce reciprocating mass for less friction, faster-revving and smoother-hitting power delivery across the rev range.Revised intake port shape provides improved breathing efficiency for more complete cylinder filling and more engine power in the low to mid rpm range.Revised intake and exhaust camshafts profiles have been optimized. The intake valve timing and overlap has been changed while the working angle and lift of the exhaust cam has been modified. The result is improved torque output in the low to mid rpm range.The cylinder features a ceramic composite coating which insures faster, more uniform heat dissipation, reduced friction and a longer service life.Special cylinder design features cutaways that allow the air trapped under the piston to enter a side chamber (or cutaway) to reduce horsepower-robbing pumping losses. The crankcase also utilizes cutaways to reduce pumping losses. The crankcase cutaways match the cutaways in the cylinder for maximum efficiency.Optimized, lightweight crankshaft provides fast throttle response.Short-skirt, forged piston provides excellent reliability and reduces weight too.The clearance between the cylinder wall and piston have been optimized to increase torque and reduce engine noise and vibration.

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Asking Price:$3,499

Model YZ 450F Used Motorcycle for sales.


  • Year: 2008
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: YZ 450F
  • Type: Dirt Bike
  • Location: Sublimity, OR
  • Color: BLUE

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