2008 Yamaha Raider S, Cruiser in Sublimity, OR 97385


Model Raider S Used 25,505, Motorcycle for sales.

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2008 Yamaha Raider S, Incredible machine with lots of additions!Customized... right out of the crate!The 2008 Yamaha XV1900 Custom Raider S you are looking at a new generation of custom sruisers. A breed that stands apart. Check out the incredible attention to detail. From front to back, the all new XV1900 Custom S is loaded with custom inspired parts. Stretched out fork, fat rear tire, low seat and an aggressive, slammed riding position. The new XV19 Custom S not only looks good... it offers an incredible riding experience too.A whole new kind of Star, a bike we like to call a modern performance custom. Chopper-inspired but built to perform. Good luck outdoing this bike's combination of looks, performance and Star build quality.When the engineers at Yamaha set out to produce a true custom machine, the easy part was the styling and attention to detail.The trick was to combine this awesome chopper inspired styling with a chassis that would offer superior handling. The engineers at Yamaha were not willing to compromise. The new XV19 Custom S must deliver great handling and excellent ride quality. Discover the superior quality, styling and all round performance of the new XV19 Custom S.FEATURES:High-performance, 1854cc (113 cubic inch) air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 valves per cylinder, 48 , V-twin powerplant produces massive torque and class leading acceleration from very low rpms.Maximum torque occurs at 2,500 rpm while maximum power occurs at 4,500 rpm, providing exciting acceleration with great pulse / torque feel.Traditional pushrod valve actuation keeps engine height down for a lower centre of gravity and ensures more uniform heat dissipation due to absence of a cam chain case. A lower centre of gravity helps to insure light, easy handling.Four-valve cylinder heads provide optimal breathing efficiency for great power delivery at all rpms. The two spark plugs per cylinder means faster, more complete combustion for maximum power output.Cylinder head design utilizes a pent roof combustion chamber design and features an oil passage near the exhaust valve seat to improve cooling and durability. The heads also feature engine mounting points on each side of the head for increased chassis rigidity for exceptional handling.Large size valves increase engine horsepower and torque. The intake valves are 36mm in diameter while the exhaust valves are 31mm.Specially designed valve train includes short design intake and exhaust rocker arms that reduce inertia during high-rpm use.High performance spec twin, crankcase-mounted, high-lift cams ensure strong torque and class leading acceleration.Mechanical centrifugal decompression mechanism located in each of the exhaust camshafts, insures fast, easy starts. This new system is contained inside the camshafts and reduces weight since no solenoid etc. is required and complexity.Hydraulic

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Asking Price:$8,999

Model Raider S Used 25,505, Motorcycle for sales.


  • Year: 2008
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: Raider S
  • Type: Cruiser
  • Location: Sublimity, OR
  • Mileage: 25,505
  • Color: Blue

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